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Taecanet Springboard is an exciting web based e-learning service for Primary & Secondary schools:

  • It uniquely combines knowledge and expertise from teachers with safe and secure web based delivery.
  • Simple to use for teachers and students, building confidence and delivering results from increased use of ICT across the curriculum
  • Saves time for teachers – no need to go hunting for relevant web sites
  • Helps schools address inclusion, personalised learning and assessment.
  • Supports individual, group and whole class teaching
  • Offers access from both school and home via the Web
  • Automated marking of student responses
  • Can provide a transition platform between Primary and Secondary Schools

What’s in Taecanet Springboard?

Taecanet Springboard contains the following key features:

  • Over 5000 individual learning journeys with online assessment
  • Currently covers objectives relevant to:
    • KS1 for Science, History, Geography, RE
    • KS2 and 3 for Science, History, Geography, RE and Citizenship.
    • KS4 for Science and PE
  • Five different learning modes – Learning journeys, Revision Mode,  Explore Mode, Initial Assessment, Peer Assessment
  • Individual student and teacher accounts
  • Easy to use online Teacher Admin Centre

What have teachers said about Taecanet Springboard?

“Springboard is definitely is a time saver”
“Springboard  has a place for both home and class work”
“As a whole package Springboard is very comprehensive”
“Children are motivated and confident to do the learning journeys which MUST improve attainment levels”

To find out more about what users think, click on the ‘User videos’ button in the menu on the left. If you are interested in KS4 Science or PE, click on the relevant buttons in the menu on the left for more information.

How does Springboard support teaching and learning?

By talking to and working with teachers, Taecanet have gained significant insight into a common set of concerns shared by many teachers relating to e-learning products and services.

How will Springboard save me time?

  • No searching for suitable internet content - it’s there ready to use
  • Comprehensive coverage of relevant topics
  • Easy to use - any teacher can use within 30 minutes
  • Automated marking facility
  • Students work at own pace with minimum supervision
  • No complicated ICT set up required

How can Springboard improve attainment?

  • Improves motivation of students to learn – students find learning fun by using Springboard
  • Teachers can allow students to access work at a higher level e.g. KS2 students can access KS3 work
  • Built- in Revision mode reinforces learning
  • Enhanced learning through Explore mode
  • Peer assessment mode supports shared learning

Does it deliver personalised learning?

  • Self paced work increases student ownership
  • Students can access work anytime, anywhere
  • Huge choice of journeys caters for individual needs

How will Springboard enhance e-learning in our school?

  • It extends ICT use to more subjects
  • Accessible from any internet location
  • Adds to richness of “blended learning experience”
  • Complimentary to existing school services

Will Springboard cover more subjects & key stages in the future?

Yes! We are always in discussion with schools and plan to introduce more subjects and extensions into other KS levels. We always keep our customers informed and you can also get news of developments by returning to this site and by clicking the ‘News’ button.

Can we trial Springboard in our School?

Yes! You can try the service as a teacher by obtaining a Guest Account – you will receive a teacher and student account so you can experience how the service works from both perspectives. Your school can also obtain a  FREE 30 day trial for  teachers and students in your school. To register for either of these options, please click the ‘Try it’ button in the menu on the left and fill out the appropriate form.

Is Springboard affordable?

Our prices offer outstanding value with banding to ensure affordability for ALL Schools. Please click the ‘Buy it’ button for details.

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