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ST NICHOLAS Church of England Primary School at West Tanfield, near Ripon is helping a new British company launch its e-learning system thanks to successful trials carried out at the school. It was one of the first schools in the country to try out the new Taecanet Springboard service for online learning and has now integrated the full service into teaching and learning at the school.

On Tuesday, 24 th January Taecanet Ltd is holding an open morning for guests in education, politics and the media at the school where teachers and pupils will demonstrate how Springboard helps with learning, revision and exploration in the classroom. Amongst the guests will be the Mayor of Ripon, Cllr Stuart Martin.

Springboard features content from the Internet gathered together by expert teachers in subjects for key stages 2 and 3, such as geography, science and history. The content is packaged into learning journeys providing teachers with a ready made, easy to use e-learning service for the classroom.

“Because we are a small rural school with the unique challenges that this brings, we needed to find an online learning service that was flexible and easy to use and would fit our style of teaching and learning. Springboard more than fits the bill. It is very simple to use, the children enjoy using it and this has allowed us to personalise learning for our children so each of them can work at their own pace,” said Mrs Julia Bailey, head teacher at St Nicholas.

“One of the main benefits is that children can use Springboard at home as well as in school, and this really helps them with their learning. It also means that parents can become involved with their children’s education and be confident that their children are safe in their use of the Internet,” she added.

The service also builds confidence and delivers improved results from the increased use of ICT across the national curriculum. More than 2000 individual learning journeys have already been created, with online assessment, this will sharpen the knowledge of pupils in key subjects, where they can see topics come to life on the Internet.

“Working with a small school like St Nicholas has really helped us understand the issues that small schools face and how Springboard can become a real asset for teaching and learning,” said David Holden, marketing director of Taecanet. “We are also indebted to film producer Lord Puttnam who retired from film production in 1998 to focus on his work in education, and whose support and encouragement of the concept has further boosted our confidence,” he added.

“Our service is now available to schools and local education authorities to buy on subscription, and we hope that it will help change the way teachers teach and pupils learn in the future,” he added. “In particular we believe that the use of Springboard by both secondary schools and clusters of their feeder primary schools will be highly effective in helping address the widespread performance problems associated with transition from primary to secondary education,” David concluded.
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For further information please contact:

Nick Wood-Dow on 020 7393 7909 or mobile 07713 681322
Mary Derrane on 020 7939 7993 or mobile 07778 703375


Taecanet’s software harnesses the experience of practising teachers together with interesting educational content on the Internet, and combines them to produce learning journeys that support the school curriculum for children and teachers to follow.

By talking to and working with teachers during the past 18 months, the company has gained an insight into the concerns of many teachers in primary and secondary schools, and have built their system to help teachers prepare and deliver their daily lessons, matching exactly the need of the syllabus.

Taecanet Ltd is an innovative e-learning services company based in the UK. Its aim is to support teachers and students through the delivery of personalised learning any place, any time. It provides a fun; national curriculum based e-learning service, harnessing the richness of the Internet in a uniquely safe and controlled way.

Taecanet was established in October 2003 after a series of successful primary and secondary school trials.
Taecanet is a Limited Company (Company Number – 4933696, VAT – 821 9121 53)
The Registered Office is in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

The Company Business Offices are based in the new Liverpool Digital Offices in Edge Lane which is part of the John Moores University / ICDC / DigitalInc facility.

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