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St Nicholas Church of England Primary School is a small rural school in West Tanfield, near Ripon. The school has long connections with the church and the village, dating back over 100 years, with many generations of the same family often attending the school. In recent years the school has expanded to its current level of around 50 pupils including a nursery, and now boasts a small ICT suite equipped with 8 laptops and a whiteboard. The two most recent additions are Broadband and a new e-learning service - Taecanet Springboard - which is proving to be extremely beneficial to teaching and learning in the school. Headteacher, Mrs Julia Bailey sees Taecanet as helping to address some of the unique challenges faced by a small school; “We have 4 age groups in a single class at key stage 2, as well as having gifted and talented children and some with special needs. Taecanet allows all the children to work at their own pace and progress as individuals, it really does enable us to personalise their learning“.

Taecanet contains content from the Internet gathered together by expert teachers in subjects for key stages 2 and 3, and following the QCA scheme of work. The content is packaged into learning journeys providing teachers with a ready made, easy to use e-learning service for the classroom. A comprehensive, yet easy to use management system provides information and assessment statistics for teachers.

The school first trialled the service in summer 2005 and provided feedback to enable service improvements to be made, once the system went live in September 2005 the school was one of the first subscribers to the service and has been a regular user ever since. “None of our teachers are computer experts – but Taecanet is very easy to use, it takes just 30 seconds to allocate a curriculum unit to the class and the other features are just as accessible, the children of course took to the service like ducks to water!” added Mrs Bailey.

“One of the other main benefits is that children can use the service at home as well as in school, indeed anywhere with an Internet connection; this really helps with learning, revision and presents the opportunity for parental involvement, we have even had requests for Taecanet homework, that was a real first!”

The Taecanet service is designed to build confidence for students at all levels and deliver improved results through increased use of ICT across the national curriculum. More than 2000 individual learning journeys have already been created in geography, science and history, with plans for more subjects at more key stages. The service is now available to schools and local education authorities to buy on subscription. Other early feedback has indicated that Taecanet will be highly effective in helping address the widespread performance problems associated with transition from primary to secondary education through allowing cluster groups to use the same service and have key stage 2 and 3 material available in both environments.

Mrs Bailey sums up her experience; “Taecanet presents real internet content but in a safe, controlled and subject relevant way, teachers and children all find it easy and fun to use and it is making a real contribution to teaching and learning at St Nicholas, I would definitely recommend any school to take a closer look at how it could work for them”.

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Taecanet’s software harnesses the experience of practising teachers together with interesting educational content on the Internet, and combines them to produce learning journeys that support the school curriculum for children and teachers to follow.

By talking to and working with teachers during the past 18 months, the company has gained an insight into the concerns of many teachers in primary and secondary schools, and have built their system to help teachers prepare and deliver their daily lessons, matching exactly the need of the syllabus.

Taecanet Ltd is an innovative e-learning services company based in the UK. Its aim is to support teachers and students through the delivery of personalised learning any place, any time. It provides a fun; national curriculum based e-learning service, harnessing the richness of the Internet in a uniquely safe and controlled way.

Taecanet was established in October 2003 after a series of successful primary and secondary school trials.
Taecanet is a Limited Company (Company Number – 4933696, VAT – 821 9121 53)
The Registered Office is in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

The Company Business Offices are based in the new Liverpool Digital Offices in Edge Lane which is part of the John Moores University / ICDC / DigitalInc facility.

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