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4 million learning journeys and counting - Students at Bradwell County Primary School help achieve the milestone


Jessica Bacon & her mother

At 2.40pm on Thursday 3rd February 2011 Jessica Bacon, a student from Bradwell County Primary School in Staffordshire narrowly beat two other students from William Edwards Sports College in Essex to complete the 4 millionth learning journey by only 2/100ths of a second. For helping reach the 4 million milestone the school received a cheque for £100 and Jessica a voucher of her choice for £50. The runner-up also received a voucher of their choice for £25.

For the 4 millionth learning journey Taecanet Springboard was being used in school to support Year 5 science teaching and learning but as we found for the 3 million milestone it is also used successfully to support homework and exam revision – especially at this time of the year.

This achievement is a credit to all of the teachers, students and partners involved in the creation, delivery and use of our Community Led Learning Network. Our thanks and congratulations go to the whole team.

Bradwell County primary School started to use Taecanet Springboard in 2006 and since then teachers & students have successfully used the web based resources to support learning both at home and at school.

On learning of her success Jessica said “I couldn't believe it when Mrs Quinn announced in assembly that I was the 4 millionth person to complete a Taecanet learning journey! I was really shocked. I felt very proud when Mr Nairn came to our school and awarded me with a prize. Taecanet makes learning lots of fun so to get a prize for just having fun is great! I have already gone shopping with my mum and had lots of fun spending my voucher. Thank you”.

Mrs Quinn – Acting Headteacher at the Outstanding Ofsted School said “Taecanet Springboard is a really useful resource to enhance learning both in school and at home. Pupils complete learning journeys both in lesson time and as part of their homework. The fun, interactive way in which information is presented makes learning fun. Our pupils respond really well to Taecanet Springboard and it has a positive impact on improving pupil results”.

Previous Million Milestone schools include: Holy Trinity Primary School, Cookham; Ridgeway Junior School, Maidenhead and Hackney Free and Parochial Secondary School, London.


Ian Nairn of C-Learning and Jessica Bacon

Science beats PE in the race to the 4 Millionth Learning Journey

At 2.40pm a student from Bradwell Primary School in Staffordshire narrowly beat two other students from William Edwards Sports College in Essex to complete the 4 millionth learning journey by only 2/100ths of a second. For helping reach the 4 million milestone the school will receive a cheque for £100 and the student a voucher of their choice for £50 and the runner-up will also receive a voucher of their choice for £25.

For the 4 millionth learning journey Taecanet Springboard was being used in school to support science teaching and learning but as we found for the 3 million milestone it is also used successfully to support homework and exam revision – especially at this time of the year.

The achievement of this milestone is a credit to all of the teachers, students and partners involved in the creation and delivery of our Community Led Learning Network. Our thanks and congratulations go to the whole team.

More information will be posted as soon as we have cleared it with the Schools and students involved.

4 Million Challenge

Students in schools across the country are racing to be the one to complete the 4 millionth Learning Journey and win prizes for themselves and their school.

With less than 15,000 Learning Journeys to be completed students are logging on to Taecanet from home early in the morning, completing work at school and staying on late into the evening to complete their work to see if they can be the one to complete the 4 millionth learning journey.

Wackesha Alexander a 15 year old pupil at Hackney Free and Parochial Secondary School carried out the 3,000,000th learning journey whilst doing her GCSE PE theory homework at home on a Sunday evening and won.

This time it could it be you!!

Sunday PE homework nets the 3 million award for Hackney student!

Whilst doing her GCSE PE theory homework at home on a Sunday evening Wackesha Alexander a 15 year old pupil at Hackney Free and Parochial Secondary School carried out the 3,000,000th learning journey on Taecanet Springboard - the innovative e-learning service for schools from Taecanet Springboard - and thus won prizes for herself and a cheque for £100 to the school. The award ceremony was carried out at school assembly on Thursday 17th December by Ian Nairn, founder and CEO of Taecanet Springboard together with Headteacher Richard Brown and Head of PE Louisa Seymour.
Taecanet Springboard for GCSE PE is the result of a collaborative project between the Youth Sport Trust and Taecanet Springboard to provide specialist, teacher generated online learning content for GCSE and BTEC PE. The PE project, still less than a year old, has already been trialed in over 60 Specialist Sports Colleges and Secondary schools with outstanding results in achievement in the 2009 GCSE examination.

The School’s Head of PE Louisa Seymour said "I am delighted for Wackesha that she should win the award when doing her homework on a Sunday evening, one of the great things about Taecanet Springboard is that it increases motivation to complete homework, by providing a fun way of learning PE theory".


Ian Nairn of C-Learning and Wakesha

Louisa Seymour Head of PE and Ian Nairn

What is a Taecanet Springboard learning journey?

Taecanet Springboard service features online e-learning content from the Internet researched and chosen by expert teachers. The content is packaged into "learning journeys" providing teachers with a ready-made, easy-to-use e-learning service for the classroom. It can be used on an interactive whiteboard by a teacher or by pupils on computers at home or in school. A comprehensive, yet easy to use management system provides information and assessment statistics for teachers.

The initial service was launched in late 2005 and since then over 500 schools have subscribed to the service, which now covers 6 subjects – Science, History, Geography, Citizenship, Religious Studies and PE/Sport across all the Key Stages 1 through 4.

How does Taecanet Springboard operate?

The approach is a simple one. Expert teachers are recruited to search the internet for the best available learning material on a given curriculum unit, and, using patented software, create "learning journeys" which in turn can be used by either teachers or students. Available through a standard internet connection, Taecanet Springboard is easy to use. Students can access the service in school or at home and use the service for classroom activity, homework or revision. Teachers have a range of reporting and assessment modes, including peer assessment, to allocate work and monitor student's progress, or can use the service on the whiteboard with a whole class.

2009 GCSE Results – Taecanet Springboard for PE delivers learning gains.

Over 60 Sports Colleges and Secondary schools are now using the Taecanet Springboard PE resources to help engage students in PE theory, as part of the collaborative e-learning project with Youth Sport Trust. With over 100,000 Learning Journeys already completed across this group, equivalent to over 3,500 hours of extra learning by students, the project has got off to a flying start. Following an analysis of the initial GCSE results from Sports Colleges 80% have reported significant improvements compared to 2008. C-Learning and teachers from Sports Colleges involved in the project will be taking part in a presentation at the YST National Conference in Telford on the 10th & 11th February 2010.

Taecanet Springboard delivers mobile learning project with Nokia.

Taecanet Springboard are very pleased to be working with Nokia in order to help schools to use Nokia devices to create and share e-learning resources. ‘The Nokia Challenge’ will see schools from around the UK creating Science resources on handheld devices, which will then be shared within the Taecanet Springboard community online. These resources will be subject to voting to find out which school has produced the most valuable e-learning material, and prizes will be handed out to the winners and participants.

KS4 Science resources prove valuable to schools.

As part of a wider collaboration with Cambridge University Press, Taecanet Springboard has produced over 500 new resources suitable for KS4 Science at Foundation/Core and Additional levels. With over 40,000 Learning Journeys having been completed so far, school feedback suggests these resources are a valuable addition to our services.

For more information please visit (http://www.taecanet.com/cup/index.htm)

Taecanet Springboard helps UK / Bangladesh Schools links

Taecanet is working with 40 schools in the UK and Bangladesh as part of the 2012 International Inspiration programme. With the focus on Sports, Taecanet is supporting this 3 year programme with access to it’s web based Taecanet Springboard for PE personalised learning resources, and with support from Elluminate access, to a virtual classroom to enable students and teachers in schools in UK & Bangladesh to collaborate with each other. Schools in Bangladesh are being connected to the Internet as part of a wider programme to enable the country to achieve the vision of being Digital Bangladesh by 2021 and we hope that this initial work will lead to the development of a Community Led Learning Network in Bangladesh schools.

Some Good News For SATs Results!

Year on year, we have received feedback from schools suggesting that Taecanet Springboard has helped to improve results and in some cases, massive improvements have been witnessed. To see case studies relating to this, please visit http://www.taecanet.com/video.htm. We have most recently heard from Woodside Primary School in Gloucestershire.

For the full article please click here

National PRU Conference 2008

Taecanet recently attended the National PRU Conference 2008 at Eastwood Hall in Notts. Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) are increasingly finding Taecanet Springboard an excellent way of helping to deliver personalised learning to students, and feedback to date is very encouraging. Marketing Director, David Holden, also delivered a workshop on personalised learning to over 30 delegates which was a great success.

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Taecanet attends NAHT Conference in Liverpool

Taecanet attended the NAHT Conference 2008 in Liverpool at the Echo Arena, with around 600 school leaders in attendance over the early May Bank Holiday. Taecanet’s local schools attended and Michael O'Hanlon from St Francis Xavier School in Liverpool was on-hand to show interested parties how students use the service. He also met Dame Kelly Holmes, double Olympic Gold medalist who was speaking at the event and attended the Taecanet stand.


Taecanet stand

Dame Kelly Holmes,
Michael O'Hanlon

To view the full article, please click here

Shared PE Learning Network Project

The Youth Sport Trust, a group of leading Sports Colleges & Taecanet have agreed to collaborate on a project to develop and trial web based e-learning resources in PE for Key Stage 4 GCSE & BTEC qualifications.

The collaboration was initiated by Tony Downey, Headteacher at the Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Sports College with strong support from the Directors of Sport & PE teachers at Charters, Cavendish & Kingdown Schools. The collaboration is focussed on creating e-learning resources for PE at Key Stage 4 GCSE and BTEC for delivery through the Taecanet Springboard service and trialling in 20 schools in the autumn term. A report containing the results of the trial will be produced and the findings presented to the Youth Sports Trust conference in 2009.

Development of content is currently making good progress with approximately 40% of content completed by the teachers involved in the project.

If you have any questions on this project or require more information please use the following link and indicate your interest by typing PE in the message box; http://www.taecanet.com/contact.htm

Further information on the project will be made available here as the development, testing and trialling of the service proceeds.

Ian Nairn
Project Co-ordinator

Taecanet to present to Sloan-C International Symposium on Online Learning

Taecanet’s Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Ian Nairn was invited to present a paper at the prestigious Sloan-C International Symposium in Arizona, USA, from 7th- 9th May 2008.

This years’ Sloan-C International Symposium focused on Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning. The symposium provided attendees with an expansive view of what potentially comprises the "next generation" in online learning.

Ian’s presentation featured the core strategic initiative behind the Taecanet business model; this is the formation of the Taecanet Knowledge Network, where our network of over 200 teachers have collaborated with Taecanet technology to create a sustainable community, sharing knowledge of internet resources in a unique way to support teaching & learning both at school and home.

Ian explained and demonstrated the principle behind Taecanet Springboard and its innovative approach to creating a "learning journey" and detailed some of the results of the collaboration both in terms of content creation and impact upon the education environment and attainment.

Further details of the presentation can be found at http://www.slideshare.net/iannairn/taecanet-sloan-c-presentation/.

Theresa May presents award to Berkshire school and links live to school in Florida

The Rt Hon Theresa May, MP for Maidenhead, visited Holy Trinity CE Primary School in Cookham, Berkshire, on Friday 28th March 2008 to congratulate the school and unveil a plaque to commemorate the 1,000,000th learning journey on Taecanet Springboard.

During her visit Mrs May met students, teachers and Governors and took part – along with Year 6 students – in a live Elluminate sponsored Virtual Classroom link to the Florida Virtual School. Students in both schools took part in a live classroom session and discussed School Clubs and School Council matters as well as contributing to a live literacy lesson conducted by a teacher in Florida.

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RT Hon Theresa May, MP and
CTO of Taecanet Ian Nairn

Arthur Burgin ,
Graeme Aldous,
RT Hon Theresa May, MP,
Ian Nairn,
Fiona Tattershall,
David Holden

Virtual Classroom helps gifted student

A GIFTED PUPIL from Bridekirk Dovenby School is being taught science online by a teacher in London through a Virtual Classroom to get access to additional resources.

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ASE 2008 Round up

ASE 2008 was a great success, and it was a pleasure to meet a host of attendees, as well as a number of existing customers. This is one of the better events of the year, mainly due to the fact that attendees have a genuine interest in helping to raise educational standards. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.

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Berkshire school wins – pupil's homework means prizes – 1,000,000th learning journey completed

On 5th December at 16.31, whilst doing their homework, a pupil from Holy Trinity CE Primary School in Cookham, Berkshire, successfully completed the 1,000,000th learning journey on Taecanet Springboard and thus qualified the school for Taecanet's special "One Million Award ". The race to complete the 1,000,000th learning journey became a real homework ‘scramble' with pupils from schools in Bracknell Forest, Maidenhead and Gloucestershire all completing journeys around the 1,000,000th. Ian Nairn, Taecanet's Founder and Technical Director said "pupils from literally dozens of schools were simultaneously doing Taecanet homework online; Holy Trinity beat other schools to the 1,000,000th journey by only two hundredths of a second!"

For full story click on this link

SSAT 2007 prize winner .....

Many thanks to all those who were able to visit us at the 2007 SSAT Event in Birmingham. We had a lot of interest in Taecanet Springboard from schools all over the country from as far afield as Dorset to Leeds! The thing that sets the SSAT events apart from many others, is the quality of the delegates. I get the feeling that the teachers at SSAT have a genuine interest in finding solutions to their problems, and raising standards in their school, which must be applauded.

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Taecanet @ SSAT National Conference 2007

Please come and see Taecanet at the 15th National SSAT Event! The venue is the ICC in Birmingham, and the date is 29th & 30th November 2007. We have always enjoyed a good relationship with the SSAT on a number of levels. As we are based in the NW, Sue Moore has always been very supportive of our approach to teaching and learning. Some of our very first trial schools were SSAT schools, and many SSAT teachers have contributed their knowledge to the Taecanet Springboard service, for the benefit of others. Our collaborative learning service is now implemented in many SSAT schools throughout England and benefiting their teachers and students alike.

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Taecanet @ NW Education Technology Show

Taecanet will be attending the North West Education Show on 21st & 22nd November 2007! The venue for this event will be the Last Drop Village Hotel in Bolton (BL7 9PZ), and we very much look forward to meeting the local teaching community to share our ideas.

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And the lucky winner is .......

Taecanet would like to welcome Hallwood Park Primary School in Runcorn into our teaching and learning community!

We initiated a free Prize Draw through our emedia publications, so that even more schools can benefit from our approach to teaching and learning. Hallwood Park can now benefit from the collaboration of hundreds of teachers, who have worked to create a motivational and fun elearning service, which aims to meet both teacher and student needs. Taecanet can save teacher's valuable time in searching for, and delivering relevant content, in dealing with assessment, and helping to extend the use of ICT across the curriculum. Students can learn at their own pace in an interactive and rewarding way, ensuring personal needs are being met.

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E-Learning Made Easy

Summer time was not a restful period for the Taecanet team! A new set of updates and improvements have now been added to the service, based on teacher's comments and feedback. As a result, Version 5 has now been unleashed, and schools are already benefiting from its delivery. In fact, on visiting Bugthorpe Primary School in Yorkshire last week, one of the students commented 'The person who invented this must be a genius'. Praise indeed!

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SSAT Event at Elland Road

We finished last week with an event organised by SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust) at Elland Road in Leeds. Special thanks to Sue Moore for the invite and ongoing support of Taecanet. It was a very enjoyable event, and we met a really good mix of existing customers and new interested parties, which was excellent to see. One thing that struck me about the attendees at this event was that everyone had a focus and an interest in what was going on. Sometimes, at other events, teachers can be more closed minded, and would prefer to go keep themselves to themselves, so it was very nice to see a group of motivated teachers, who obviously had their student's best interests in mind. And just as importantly, teachers who knew how to deliver them.

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Taecanet at The West Midlands Technology Show

We have just recently returned from the 'West Midlands Education Technology Show' at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham. Despite a severe lack of attendees, it was very nice to meet up with a number of local teachers, and discuss their take on elearning. The exhibitors must have outnumbered attendees by about 20/1, but it must have been a very useful exercise for the teachers, to get a really in-depth look at 'what's new' and exciting in elearning.

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East Riding User Group Session No.2 at Airmyn Park

Many thanks to all of those who were able to attend the second East Riding User Group meeting on 20/3/2007 at Airmyn Park Primary School, and for Peter Denwood for agreeing to play host for the day. There were around 10 teachers present from Airmyn, Eastrington , Reedness and Howden Junior Schools. We are getting a core group of users in the area, who are able to provide us with some important feedback, as well as being able to share best practice among the group, which is the key objective for these sessions. Below is a short overview of the major outcomes from what turned out to be a very useful event.

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National ASE Event in Birmingham 2007

Our annual pilgrimage to ASE (Association for Science Education) has come and gone for another year. As with last year it, was a great event and gave everyone in the field of Science education the chance to see what innovations and teaching solutions exist in this area. On the flip side it gives small companies like us the opportunity to reach a much wider audience and see many people that we otherwise may never have met. We are already looking forward to next year's event which is being held in Liverpool.

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"Please miss; can I have some more homework?"

Excuse me!? I know when I was at school, more homework was certainly not top of my priority list! But then again, students in 2006/7 have the opportunity to learn in so many different ways, rather than being taught in a 'one size fits all' learning environment of years gone by. As individual students differ greatly, so must teaching methods to help reach every pupil in the class.

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East Riding cluster event

Many thanks to Liam Jackson, Headteacher of Eastrington Primary School, for hosting this event which proved a great success for all involved. We had teachers from Rawcliffe Bridge, Reedness and Airmyn Park present, as well as a good turn out of staff from Eastrington, which was very nice to see. As it was my first time in the area, it was a pleasure to meet the members of this cluster. I have noted below some of the feedback that came out of the session.

Thanks again to all involved.

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Holy Trinity Cluster Meeting

Headteacher Graeme Aldous of Holy Trinity C of E Primary School in Cookham kindly hosted a cluster event of several surrounding schools where Chris, David, Cathy, Jo and Yasmin from Taecanet were able to update everyone on the new service features added as well as establishing a working group and sharing best practice.

The event was a great success and findings show that Taecanet is being used in a number of ways in schools, which is encouraging, and teachers are utilising Taecanet in several ways such as a revision tool, extension work, homework and supporting in-school teaching.

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Digitalinc e-learning Awareness Day
The easy Internet way to e-learning
Can teaching - and learning - be made easier? The answer is yes, as the Digitalinc e-Learning Awareness Day will prove.

Emphasising this point, Phil Redmond, founder of Mersey TV and creator of cult shows that include Grange Hill, will begin by explaining how ICT technology can be an additional flexible tool supporting teachers in schools. As Honorary Professor of Digital Media at LJMU, Phil Redmond is also ICDC's Chairman and keen to see ICT businesses working with educationalists in introducing cutting-edge teaching solutions.

The day will also include a keynote speech by Anne Diack and Gavin Dykes of the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) Innovation Unit, plus presentations and live demonstrations from a variety of companies who are already working with schools and organisations across the country.

We aim to show you that e-learning - often called remote-learning - is much easier to access than you might expect! The event will take place from 9.30am to 4.00pm on Friday, 1st December at ICDC, a research centre of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Digitalinc is an ICT business incubator, based in and closely integrated with ICDC.

BATHNES Cluster Meeting
It was thanks to Chris from Peasedown St John Primary School that Taecanet could gain some invaluable feedback from a number of teachers in the area on how the service is being used.
Teachers on the whole found that Taecanet was highly motivational for all ability levels, especially lower ability students due to the way that the learning materials are delivered in a self-paced manner.

It is also very encouraging that teachers are finding their own uses for the service so they can meet their own needs, whether it be revision, classwork, homework or pre-learning.

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Celebration at Woodchurch Road Primary School
WOODCHURCH ROAD Primary School in Birkenhead
helped Taecanet celebrate the launch of its e-learning system
thanks to successful trials carried out at the school.

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Ian Nairn with Ann Maher





Ian with Marie Stacey
- Head of School Effectiveness for Wirral

Marie Stacey, Ian and pupils at the plaque unveiling Paul Ellison (EWC) presenting subscription certificate to Anne and pupils


A Groundbreaking day at ASE
Taecanet was invited to participate in the innovations section of the regional conference held in Leamington Spa on Friday the 13th of October.

As the theme was "Science and Superstition" we chose to do a Vitual Classroom experiment which consisted of Science teachers and pupils from 4 schools connected to the conference delegates to present results of their experiments on the number '13'.

The 4 schools were; Ulverston Victoria in Cumbria, Bluecoat in Oldham, Sacred Heart High School in Hammersmith and Beechen Cliff School in Bath.

This is the first time that schools were connected with an ASE conference through the Taecanet Virtual Classroom.

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Taecanet was proud to be part of the BITES exhibition held in Birmingham which is one of the largest regional ICT events in the area.

The event focused around 'Transforming Learning' and was packed full of innovative and practical solutions for todays E-learning needs.

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"Taecanet sent my science SATS results through the roof!"
- Headteacher Graeme Aldous of Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Graeme Aldous of Holy Trinity C of E Primary School in Cookham, Berkshire is a firm convert to Taecanet after just 6 months of use. "There is no doubt in my mind," said Graeme, "that using Taecanet made a significant improvement to our Year 6 Science SATS in less than 6 months."

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New - Primary & Secondary Teachers complete full Schoolzone evaluations of Taecanet Springboard
Primary & Secondary School teachers and students have completed their detailed evaluations of the Taecanet Springboard service and the results have now been posted on both the Schoolzone & Curriculum Online websites.

An extract from the Secondary school evaluation is shown below:-

"The Taecanet web based service is a unique resource with a wealth of content and features. Covering every unit of the QCA scheme of work for science, history and geography at KS3, students can also access precursor KS2 units as an aid to transition. For example, for each of the 36 units in KS3 science, students have access to 16 learning journeys. A learning journey introduces a specific topic or concept, takes the learner to relevant web pages, explains what they should try to find out, and assesses their success with an instantly marked question. The major strengths of this service are its flexibility, comprehensive coverage of the curriculum, low cost and ease of use."

The National Small Schools Forum - Review
The National Small Schools Forum (NSSF) is a member organisation which seeks to promote high quality education in small schools with primary pupils in the UK. In February 2006 they reviewed Taecanet Springboard and published the review in their Newsletter and on their website. They said that Taecanet Springboard was finding favour in small schools due to its ease and flexibility of use, and that it has many advantages for mixed age classes

- click here to read Full article

St Nicholas Church of England Primary School is a small rural school in West Tanfield, near Ripon. The school has long connections with the church and the village, dating back over 100 years, with many generations of the same family often attending the school. In recent years the school has expanded to its current level of around 50 pupils including a nursery, and now boasts a small ICT suite equipped with 8 laptops and a whiteboard.

The two most recent additions are Broadband and a new e-learning service - Taecanet Springboard - which is proving to be extremely beneficial to teaching and learning in the school.

Headteacher, Mrs Julia Bailey sees Taecanet as helping to address some of the unique challenges faced by a small school; "We have 4 age groups in a single class at key stage 2, as well as having gifted and talented children and some with special needs. Taecanet allows all the children to work at their own pace and progress as individuals, it really does enable us to personalise their learning".

- click here to read Full article

Taecanet supports e-revolution in North Yorkshire primary school
The Taecanet Springboard service is proving extremely beneficial in helping resolve some of the unique challenges faced by small schools in implementing e-learning.

St Nicholas Church of England Primary School in West Tanfield near Ripon was one of the very first schools to use the Taecanet service when it was launched last September and the Head – Mrs Julia Bailey is delighted with the impact that Taecanet has had on teaching and learning in the school and is extremely pleased to be hosting the Second Regional launch of the Taecanet service at her school on Tuesday 24th January. The Mayor of Ripon is supporting the launch together with representatives of EWC (www.ewc.eu.com) who are sponsoring free susbcriptions to Taecanet for schools across the UK.

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ASE and BETT Exhibition
Taecanet had a very successful series of exhibition at the ASE 5 th -8 th Jan 2006 at Reading and BETT 11 th - 15 th Jan 2006 at London. Hundreds of people visited the stand to hear about and see demonstrations of the Taecanet service.

If you have visited our stands and require more information please contact us via the following link.

- click here to be contacted

Taecanet on Radio
David Holden a member of the Taecanet staff gives a brief introduction of the taecanet service on the Slough FM radio station as part of the Taecanet Launch even at James Elliman School in Slough.
- listen (audio file)

Jess Behan, the assistant Head Teacher of James Elliman Primary says Taecanet is a real asset for schools when interviewed by Slough FM radio station DJ.
- listen (audio file)

Slough FM radio station interviewed teachers and students about the Taecanet experience, and got a more then conventional response.
- listen (audio file)

Schoolzone Evaluations
Primary School and Secondary School teachers have just completed their initial evaluations of the Taecanet Springboard service for Schoolzone. Published on both the Schoolzone and Curriculum Online websites these evaluations demonstrate how easy & simple the service is for teachers and how fun & challenging it is for students.

Primary School Evaluation
"Taecanet Springboard Service is an excellent tool for using ICT to learn about science, history and geography..... This is a great timesaving device for teachers, striving to integrate ICT into the curriculum, and really motivating for children who enjoy using ICT and the Internet in an interactive way."

Secondary School Evaluation
" The Taecanet web based service is a unique resource with a wealth of content and features. Covering every unit of the QCA scheme of work for science, history and geography at KS3..... The major strengths of this service are its flexibility, comprehensive coverage of the curriculum, low cost and ease of use."

SST North West Science Colleges Network meeting – 29th November
As part of the collaboration with the SST North West, one of Taecanet’s Teacher Panel, Terri James from Bluecoat School, Oldham will be presenting Taecanet Springboard to the next meeting of the SST NW Science Colleges Network at Bankfield School Widnes.

Celebrations of Success Awards – 8th November
Ian Nairn and John Davison – co-founders of Taecanet have been chosen to receive a significant award from Greater Merseyside Enterprises on Tuesday 8th November. The Celebration of Success Awards recognises the entrepreneurial efforts of John and I in successfully establishing and growing the Taecanet business in Liverpool.

First Regional Launch of Taecanet Springboard
On Thursday, 3rd November, Taecanet Springboard held its first open day for guests in education, politics and the media at James Elliman primary school in Slough. The school has helped Taecanet launch its revolutionary e-learning system thanks to successful trials carried out at the school and is now one of the first schools in the country to use the new Taecanet Springboard service for online learning.

Amongst the guests was the Mayor of Slough, Cllr Latif Khan. Taecanet’s marketing director, David Holden knows Slough well, being a trustee of the Slough E-Learning Foundation, and a trustee of the former Education Action Zone. He is delighted that a Slough school hosted the first open day.

For more see full press release here.

SST North West Humanities Colleges Network meeting – 27th Sept

As part of the collaboration with the NW SST, David Hesketh, Taecanet’s MD successfully presented Taecanet Springboard to the meeting which took place at St. Hilda's RC Girls High School at Burnley.

Taecanet takes part in successful Liverpool trade mission to China
Through the support of the International Trade Centre in Liverpool, Ian Nairn, Operations Director, Taecanet visited both Shanghai and Tongling between the 15th-22nd October. Taecanet successfully demonstrated it's online e-learning services to Teachers in both International Schools in Shanghai and Chinese Middle and High Schools in Shanghai ( Jin Cai Middle School) and Number 1 & Number 10 Schools in Tongling.

South Liverpool Business Enterprise Olympics
Before the summer holidays Ian Nairn, Taecanet co-Founder, volunteered to take part in the South Liverpool Business Enterprise Olympics where 8 Secondary School teams spent two days working on a new business proposition linked to the City of Culture 2008.

Taecanet sponsored the winners of the Individual Enetrpreneurs and Ian presented the three winning students with WHSmith vouchers and the chance to visit teh Taecanet offices to review our own business plan and Springboard product with a view to giving us ideas to improve our business

The Winners
1st Place
Emma Smillie
  2nd Place
Susan Cowell
  3rd Place
Janine Jennet
New Heys

The Runners Up / Highly commended were:
Chloe Walsh, Broadgreen
Vanessa OJafa, St Benedicts
Victoria Comer, St Julies
Patrick Needham, SFX
Sarah Evans, Parklands

SST NW Regional Conference - 15th March
In a presentation entitled "Networked Learning Communities - a new approach", Roger Mallows, Headmaster of Deanery Church of England High School & John Davison, Chairman of Taecanet will show how innovative strategies in Learning and Teaching arise when diverse organisations with shared cultures and visions come together.

Deanery High School are pleased to be supporting the Specialist Schools Trust NW, in their collaboration with Taecanet Springboard, to create and deliver a new approach to Networked Learning Communities. Learn more about this collaboration and how you can get involved & benefit at the conference.

Specialist Schools Trust NW Network and Taecanet to collaborate in the development of the service.
The Specialist Schools Trust, NW Network have agreed to work with Taecanet in the development of the service and its early deployment in the NW in 2005. Sue Moore, Regional Co-ordinator for the NW Network is working with the Company to promote Taecanet to leading Secondary and Primary schools. More details to follow.

Version 2 – Latest School trials show significant learning gains
Following on from the successful research and prototyping exercise with John Moores University ICDC group the Company has successfully trialled its latest version of Taecanet at James Elliman Primary School in Slough.

Two groups of students from Year 6 took part in the trial – one using Taecanet and one traditional teaching and the test results showed significant learning gains for those students using Taecanet.

Jes Behan, Assistant HeadTeacher commented "Children have given great verbal feedback to myself and their friends, "It's like learning, but it's not, because it's fun!"

Further trials are taking place at Deanery Church of England Secondary School this month building on the earlier trials at Woodchurch Road Primary School, Birkenhead; Urmston Grammar School, Manchester & Beechen Cliff School for Boys, Bath.

Taecanet confirmed as a Netmedia Educational Content Partner

Taecanet are very pleased to be confirmed as a Netmedia Educational Content Partner. As the leading supplier of portal solutions to UK schools the Company will be working very closely with Netmedia to ensure their customers maximise the learning benefits from the combination of both companies products and services.

Taecanet & the current Education Agenda
"I believe that Taecanet is a very powerful learning tool which has the potential to contribute significantly towards raising levels of achievement in our schools. Taecanet can directly address two of the five key components of personalised learning:

Assessment for learning
The built in assessment process help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the individual learner. It will provide evidence for dialogue between teacher and pupil and help the teacher plan to meet the next stage of the pupil's learning needs.

Effective Teaching and learning
The Taecanet 'Learning Journeys' help to actively engage the learner by providing learning activities that enable the pupil to progress at their own pace whilst at the same time always providing challenge to stretch pupils of all abilities.

Additional features of the Taecanet service such as ; peer assessment, a reward system and opportunites for the pupil to add to the learning journey all add to the value of this new product. It is being written by classroom practitioners for classroom practitioners and developed by a company genuinely interested in the learning process and education"

Roger Mallows
Headmaster Deanery Church of England High School, Specialist Technology College and Leading Edge School, Wigan

Taecanet sign exclusive Technology Licence with GPM
Taecanet have secured an exclusive 5 year initial licence with GPM for their patented technologies and applications. These enable Taecanet to offer safe and controlled journeys through existing web material as part of its Schools e-Learning subscription service. Commenting on the agreement Taecanet's Chairman, John Davison said: "We are delighted to have concluded an exclusive licence agreement with GPM, to apply their innovative process to UK Education. This will give thousands of teachers and millions of children, the ability to use free internet content to support core curriculum learning in a uniquely safe, controlled and fun way"

Peter Creasy, Chairman of GPM said: " We are extremely excited at Taecanet's recognition of and commitment to GPM's patented technology. In what we expect to be the first of many market sector applications we wish Taecanet success in their efforts to help teachers and students harness the internet for e-learning."

Taecanet recognised by David Worlock, EPS
David Worlock, Chairman of EPS, the leading e-publishing consultancy said "What e-learning most needs now are practical, teacher-friendly, demonstrations of real learning achievement. Taecanet sets out a powerful case to fit that requirement, and allow web use without web abuse.

"Taecanet is also a pointer to the future of e-Learning, demonstrating that learning pathways or journeys can be created from available network resource, placed at the disposal of teachers as well as being created by them, and used to source an absorbing learning experience predicated upon defined learning outcomes".

Urmston Grammar School
Following a successful trial of Taecanet in Urmston Grammar School, Headmaster, Mike Spinks said " Just to confirm in writing therefore our interest in Taecanet as well as my offer to communicate what you are doing to the team of secondary Headteachers of Science Colleges who are "journeying" with me to San Diego. I would also be interested in the future development of your project, particularly as the additional Key Stages roll out. Key stage 3,4 and advanced level work within a clear support framework has tremendous appeal as would the opportunity to help populate such a framework, and of course shape it to the needs of the gifted student."

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