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Taecanet Springboard is a "not for profit" web based e-learning service which supports the delivery of personalised learning for students at home, on the move and at school under the control of their teachers. With over 4.5 million learning journeys delivered to students there is growing evidence of increased motivation and engagement of students in learning resulting in increased attainment. Whether in school or as part of homework or exam revision support Taecanet Springboard provides a fun, national curriculum based e-learning service, harnessing the richness of the Internet in a uniquely safe and controlled way.

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Taecanet Springboard moves to the Cloud - Taecanet Springboard is now being delivered from the Amazon Cloud service which means that we can be more responsive to schools demands. If you want to know more about the advantages of Amazon Cloud services go to: http://aws.amazon.com >> Exam Resits / Homework - as we get ready for the clocks to change remember that one of the best ways to use Taecanet Springboard is as a homework and revision tool. If you want to know more please check out the case studies to learn how other schools have used Taecanet Springboard to help students raise their attainment or contact support@c-learning.net

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